My name is Angela Whiting and I live in North Hampton, NH.  I’ve known a lot of people over the years who have had addictions.  Also, there is a huge opioid crisis in my community right now that I am very concerned about.  In my experience, living with and/or loving an addict can be very difficult.  Having compassion for people with any kind of addiction is a must.  Changed attitudes can aid recovery.  I am writing this blog to help raise awareness/education about addiction recovery and to help families of addicts find peace and serenity whether their addict is still using or not.  Addictions can come in many different forms such as: drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, sex, caffeine, smoking, internet/social media, playing video games, exercising, working, as well as many others.  A unified cause of addiction is not known and, in fact, researchers can’t even agree on a standard definition of addiction or whether addiction is a disease. I believe it is a disease. And although I know that there is no cure for addiction, I do believe there are many 12-step programs out there that can help fight the disease if the addict is willing to surrender to the program.



Posted by:  Angela Whiting, North Hampton, NH.