Recommended Book: How Al-Anon Works

I highly recommend this book to anyone who worries about  a family member, loved-one, or friend that has any kind of addiction.  Al-Anon mainly focuses on helping families and friends of Alcoholics, but it is increasingly helping families and friends of Addicts as well.    This book has about 400 pages and it has so much good information in it.  I found it to be very down to earth and pretty easy to read.  It explains the Al-Anon program is great detail.  It also covers such topics as:  the family disease of alcoholism, breaking our isolation, the twelve steps, Al-Anon slogans, changed attitudes, detachment, love, forgiveness, taking care of ourselves, twelve traditions, twelve concepts of service, and Al-Anon’s history.  It also contains many stories from actual Al-Anon members of their experience, strength, and hope in dealing with their alcoholic loved one.  I believe this book can help you change how you interact with your addicted and/or alcoholic loved one so that you can start finding peace and serenity in your life whether your loved one is still drinking/using or not.


Posted by:  Angela Whiting, North Hampton, NH.


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