Recovery is a Life Long Process

“We suffered from a disease for which there is no known cure.

It can however be arrested at some point, and recovery is then possible”.

~ Narcotics Anonymous


For people with addictions, recovery is a daily battle that they must constantly be diligent about fighting.  These practices really can help:

  • Attending 12-step meetings regularly
  • Reading the 12-step literature daily
  • Getting a Sponsor
  • Talking with your Sponsor daily
  • Meeting with your Sponsor at least once a week
  • Working the 12-steps
  • Creating a daily gratitude list
  • Praying daily
  • Meditating regularly
  • Staying away from people still using
  • Making new friends (preferably people in active recovery)
  • Staying away from places where you used to use
  • Finding new hobbies (working out and/or volunteering are very popular ones)
  • Being a friend on the phone to others in recovery
  • Doing service work at the 12-step meetings (set up chairs, set up coffee, be a greeter, speak during the meeting, hand out clean time chips or key tags, etc.)


Posted by:  Angela Whiting, North Hampton, NH.


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  1. Hi Angela! I am happy to find your blogs here and God bless you for the compassion you have for those afflicted with addiction.I am one with you. I lost my son to drunk driving three years ago and it is our life’s mission today to carry the message of hope and recovery and to spread the knowledge on the disease concept of addiction/alcoholism. By the way i published a book after I lost my son, The Booze Stole my Son (Don’t let it steal yours) you might want to read here for free

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