Recommended Book: Came to Believe

This book is a collection of stories by A.A. members who write about Step 2 which is: “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”.

For many alcoholics and addicts starting a 12 step recovery program, Step 2 can be very difficult or a huge determent from the program.  Many alcoholics and addicts have lost faith in God, never had faith, or are self-proclaimed Atheists.  Most  want to run away from the program and never come back to it when the “G” word is spoken.  Many newcomers confuse the word “spiritual” with meaning “religious” and think that they have to believe in God to be part of the program. But those who have been in the program for awhile, will explain that “a Power greater than ourselves” or Higher Power can be anything an individual chooses to believe it is.

A Higher Power could be God, Jehovah, Zeus, Allah, Buddha, or whoever your God or Goddess is called.  Some people like to think of their Higher Power as the 12 step program or it being the support of the people in the program.  Others think of their Higher Power as nature, the universe, oceans, sky, clouds, love, or anything else they may choose to believe is greater than themselves.  This program allows for much diversity of spiritual convictions and that is why they use the phrase “God as we understood Him” in the steps, so just replace the word “God” with “Higher Power”.

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was a very quick read (only about 129 pages) and it was written by a bunch of different Alcoholic Anonymous members with various religious backgrounds and beliefs and how they personally had a “spiritual awakening” and decided to change their lives for the better.  I found this book to be really  insightful and it helped me to be able to figure out what I believe my personal Higher Power is.


Posted by:  Angela Whiting, North Hampton, NH



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