Groundbreaking 28-day detox program at the Middleton House of Corrections

The Middleton House of Corrections is one of the largest jails in Massachusetts.  In December of 2015,  a 42-bed detox unit was started on the second floor of the jail that is now changing addict’s lives by addressing the opioid crisis in the state. The detox unit serves inmates who are facing charges for nonviolent offenses and have not been convicted and sentenced yet.  For all of New England, it is the first of its kind detox unit that is based at a jail. Since 85 to 90 percent of the jail population struggles with substance abuse, the hope is that drug users who finish the 28-day program will be able to demonstrate their sobriety to a judge and get probation instead of jail time.  The unit hopes to provide an excellent  alternative to traditional incarceration by dealing with both drug addiction and overcrowded correctional facilities issues at one time.  Please read more about this new detox unit in the article entitled, “A new pre-trial detox program designed to keep addicts out of jail.”


Posted by: Angela Whiting, North Hampton, NH


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